for anyone new to meditation
in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition

offered the second Sunday of each month (see schedule)

For anyone who has not previously had instruction in the basic technique of shamatha/vipashyana meditation, these brief Sunday morning sessions will offer a simple introduction.

While many people who visit our group for the first time have meditated in some other context (such as yoga or TM), the meditation technique we use differs enough from these other techniques that an introduction is important. Some first-time visitors have read about this form of meditation and tried it on their own; again, an introduction from a trained meditation instructor is essential. The introductory sessions are also open to anyone who has received meditation instruction but would like a refresher.

These monthly introductory sessions will last about 45 minutes, from 11:15 a.m. until noon, with our usual Sunday sitting beginning at 12:30. While there is no need to register in advance, anyone with questions should feel free to email us.

Please note: In the past, brief meditation instruction has been offered on a walk-in basis during the few minutes before sessions. Because this approach has often meant rushing through an introduction to the technique at a time when preparations for the session are required, this practice is discouraged. If you would like initial meditation instruction but cannot attend the scheduled "second Sunday" session, please email us to discuss alternatives.

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